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The Mysterious Case Of Missing 8 Yr Old Eloise Worledge

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Eloise Worledge was just 8 when she went missing from her home in Beaumaris Victoria Australia. It was january the 12 in the year 1976 that she was last seen. It was alledged that she was in her bedroom at 8.30 pm when her mother patsy left the house and went to a ballet class. Eloise was left behind with her brother and sister her father lindsay was there to take care of them until the mother returns. Patsy returned home and went to check on each of her children before she went to sleep at 11.30 pm.

Their father lindsay on that same evening spent his time in the house watching television and drinking. The parents were going through a separation. He went to his bed at 11.40 unaware that the front door to the house was left open according to his story.
The mother said that she paniced when she went to the child’s room to find that a part of the window had been cut out and she was nowhere to be seen.
Patsy ran to the neighbors house while the father of eloise rang for the police which later stated that the father’s phone call was strangely unemotional.
A three week search was launched by 250 police officers but they found nothing. During the investigation process they found that the flywire that was cut was too small for a child and an abductor to go through so more than likely eloise was removed through the front door.
More than 200 suspicious incidents were logged on the same night. Strange noises in close by areas, car doors slamming and a child crying. 20 years passed before the case was reopened but still they found no clue as to what happened to eloise worledge on that night in 1976. They held the two parents as suspects then they later started to concentrate on the father.  They asked him to take a lie detector test 25 years later, which came up inconclusive to the answers that they were looking for.
They launched another investigation and found that two child molesters may have had links to eloise worledge one that worked at a shop frequented by the worledges and another through a drama group that the family had joined.
Detectives have concluded that she is dead or is she? Up until this day They still have not been able to identify the abductor of eloise worledge. The mother had accepted that she might never find out what happened to her daughter. It is yet another haunting case of the unknown.

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