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Sportsmen and women put on a colourful VINTAGE display at the 'Chap' Olympiad

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Two competitors in the Chap's Olympiad in London expertly pour tea while they cycle past a woman in a pink vintage frock

A woman competitor at the games expertly pours tea into her friend's vintage china teacupe as they cycle round Bedford Square

The Chap's Olympiad celebrates all things British and sees 'chaps' and 'chapettes' taking part in an array of sporting events

Enjoying the sunshine: A man catches up with the programme of the Olympiad while looking resplendent in vintage dress

One man in a fez balanced his penny-farthing bicycle at the same time he sipped a jug of Pimms

Revellers watched as two beautifully-clad women cycled while pouring the nation's favourite drink

Vintage style! Two dapper chaps enjoy a ride on Santander cycles at the Olympiad

Crowds gathered on Bedford's Square to watch the fun and frivolities

Two men enjoyed racing about the Square on a pair of hobby horses

One competitor jabbed another with his umbrella as he cycled back

Picnic time: A group of revellers enjoyed the sunshine while tucking into a delicious hamper

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