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Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or Nano Brain Implant for mind control

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 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control Future10

Brain-Chip” Implant in the brain...Nano-implants for mind control, heaven or hell?

The computer revolution empowered enormous progress in decoding brain and body transmissions, as well as in generating transmissions that can influence brain and body. We are at a point in history where the scale, reach, capabilities of these devices has become such that measures must be taken to prevent misuse.

May Cause a person actually to lose their minds. It can also be used By projecting  voices and other sounds, or applying electronic torture.  

It can Reduce a person to zombie status. By constantly hurling laser rays into their brains, destroying brain cells, individuals may eventually suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

It can also Make life physically and mentally miserable for people that are implanted. The electronic mind control techniques can cause physical pain, mental anguish, and deprivation of sleep, rendering the person ineffective in their work and daily life.

A simple injection is now all it takes to wire up a brain. A diverse team of physicists, neuroscientists and chemists has implanted mouse brains with a rolled-up, silky mesh studded with tiny electronic devices, and shown that it unfurls to spy on and stimulate individual neurons.

 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control 240_f_10

Neuroscientists still do not understand how the activities of individual brain cells translate to higher cognitive powers such as perception and emotion. The problem has spurred a hunt for technologies that will allow scientists to study thousands, or ideally millions, of neurons at once, but the use of brain implants is currently limited by several disadvantages. So far, even the best technologies have been composed of relatively rigid electronics that act like sandpaper on delicate neurons. They also struggle to track the same neuron over a long period, because individual cells move when an animal breathes or its heart beats.

Around 250 nanomedicine products are being tested or used in humans, according to a new report that analyzed evolving trends in this sector. According to experts, the long-term impact of nanomedicinal products on human health and the environment is still not certain.

What is verichip?
VeriChip (now re-branding PositiveID) was the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved human-implantable microchip. It was marketed by PositiveID, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, and it received United States FDA approval in 2004. Its manufacture and marketing were discontinued in 2010.

The VeriChip implant consists of a microchip (an RFID or Radio Frequency Identification integrated circuit), a capacitor, and an antenna wrapped around a ferrite core. These components are sealed in a capsule of medical-grade glass which is then partially coated in a porous polypropylene substance called Biobond. Biobond encourages the formation of tissue within the body to prevent the implant from migrating or shifting location in the flesh.

The implant is injected into the flesh using a large-gauge hypodermic syringe known as a cannula. It is designed to remain permanently embedded under the skin.

The VeriChip Corporation markets the device for building access control and patient identification purposes.   The VeriChip consists of a Radio Frequency Identification or "RFID" integrated circuit (aka a microchip), a capacitor, and an antenna wrapped around a ferrite core. These components are sealed in a capsule of medical-grade glass. The glass capsule is partially coated in a porous polypropylene substance called Biobond in an effort to prevent the device from migrating within the body.

What is the purpose of the VeriChip and how does it work?

The VeriChip Corporation markets the implant as a method of accessing medical records in an emergency, for use as a payment device, and as a way to control access to secure facilities.

When a VeriChip scanner is brought within range of an implant, the scanner emits a radio signal that stimulates the implant, causing it to emit its own radio signal in response. That signal is picked up by the scanner and converted into a unique 16-digit identification number. The number is used to identify the individual or to call up a related record.

Q. What information is stored on a VeriChip?

At present, the VeriChip implant contains only a unique 16-digit identification number. This number is similar to a social security number or a bar code number that can be used to look up a record in a database.

Q. How is the VeriChip inserted into the body?

Implantation is an outpatient procedure that typically takes 15 minutes or less. People have been implanted in doctors' offices, at convention booths, and even in European night clubs.

The implantation site, typically the arm, is first wiped with an alcohol swab and numbed with an injection of a local anesthetic. When the area is numb, a 12-gauge, preloaded hypodermic syringe known as a cannula is inserted into the flesh and depressed, where it releases the implant into the subcutaneous tissue.

Q. Where on the body is the VeriChip injected?

The VeriChip is typically injected into the flesh of the triceps of the arm between the elbow and the shoulder. In some cases the implant is injected into the biceps muscle, between the elbow and wrist. (Sean Darks of CityWatcher appears to have had the VeriChip implanted in the biceps.)

There are also "hobbyists" who have chipped themselves with RFID implants obtained from other sources, typically using implants sold for animal use. Several of these individuals have inserted the chips into their hands. As Amal Graafstra, one such individual put it, "It's a lot easier to open your door or unlock your car by waving your hand rather than by wiggling your bicep."

Sometimes Rogue nurses, dentists and doctors implant these chips in patients without telling them.  If you've got chipped involuntarily you have been implanted by rogue nurses, dentists and doctors that have their own agendas.   They plant these chips to carry out their own experiments which could also lead to organ harvesting.  They also recruit and have their own network/gangs to target a person to make it seem as if the government is involved. 

If you are not in a government job nor a whistle blower, your targeting is from individual gangs.  If you are living a quiet life minding your own business, hardly go anywhere, and most of all not on social media your targeting is from a gang not government.   However most targets will start to go on social media eventually to try and make sense of what is happening to them or their families.

Electronic Harassment: Hearing Voices

Most people that hear voices believe that they have been secretly implanted by either nano chip or verichip.

The symptoms that lead to these beliefs.
Daily symptoms are: racing or irregular heart beat, hard/heavy pumping of heart, fatigue/exhaustion, dizziness, loss of balance, intense headaches, skin dryness, intense body itchiness followed by scarring.  Some others experience bleeding of the skin.
 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control Timbug10
 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control 59684210
 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control 0410
 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control Michae10

 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control Articl10

Who killed doctor teleka patrick?  was Teleka Patrick a targeted person?

Patrick showed signs of being a targeted individual.  The signs she displayed was sudden mental illness during college.  After accomplishing a degree her troubles worsened.  She complained about hearing voices, feelings of being inlove and thinking that god was speaking to her.  She also was having troubles on social media with imaginary people just like what happened to most targets.   Feelings of threat acting erratic trying to get away from someone/ people that she knew were there following her but cannot really pin point who they are. She complained  of being in pain or being antagonised by something.

Her 1997 Lexus was discovered with a flat tire that night in a ditch on I-94 near mile marker 23 in Indiana, but Patrick and the keys were gone by the time Indiana State Police arrived at the scene about 10 minutes after a caller reported seeing the vehicle in the ditch.

Dr Teleka Patrick
Carlin also questioned why dogs tracked Patrick's scent from her vehicle to the shoulder of the road instead of toward the lake where she was eventually found and why authorities were unable to locate Patrick's body in Lake Charles during their multiple searches of the area, among other things.

When YouTube videos of Teleka, speaking to an unknown love interest surfaced, the object of her affection remained a mystery.

Were patrick's doctor collegues perps? or were her perpetrators total strangers.

Short term memory and loss of concentration. Decreased work performance and general productivty. Anti-social behaviours, anger or violent actions that are outside of your normal realm. Thoughts of suicide and extreme depression, uncontrolled crying, hyper-vigilance, hyper-awareness, hyper-sensitivity, irritability, short tempered, swearing and cursing more than normally accustomed to. Loss of sex drive. Extreme thoughts or rage. Loss of interest in usual pastimes. Stressed, feeling worthless, feeling guiltty, feeling angry, psychologically and emotionally raped.

Other people believe that the chips that they got implanted has help to turned them into targeted individuals by people with unscrupulous characters.

 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control 45769810

What are targeted individuals?
Targeted people are those that are being harrassed by shady individuals

The experiences of people who describe themselves as undergoing electronic harassment using esoteric technology, and who call themselves "Targeted Individuals" ("T.I.") varies, but includes hearing voices in their heads calling them by name, often mocking them or others around them, as well as physical sensations like burning. They have also described being under physical surveillance by one or more people

Harassment effects people on many different levels. The effects are wide ranging and vary from person to person.

Harassed individuals may experience some to all of the symptoms  and they may encounter them from minor to extreme degrees. Its important to understand the range of symtoms that harassment can cause.

Real time mind reading before it becomes aware; erasing thoughts and memories; short time memory problems.
Induced memories and ”synthetic” associations (that are believed to be made by a computer that is aware of the context).
Induced dreams or manipulation of dreams.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) or simply radiation.
Pain in the spinal cord.
Pain in the back of the head.
Pain in the “amygdala” or the limbic system.
Pain in the forehead.
“Cooked”  brain.
Electroshocks in the brain.
Pain in the chest.
Tooth ache.
“Heart attacks”
Pain in vital organs: liver, stomach, heart, lungs, eyes.
Iching eyes – leading to tears and red eyes.
Food is poisoned.
Electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake, probably with ICT-implants.

Financial surveillance. It looks like every penny a Targeted Individual has is counted and only a certain amount is allowed for the Targeted Individual to gain.   GPS surveillance. The Targeted Individual is tracked down at any time, in real time.

Were these 64000 black women targeted individuals without knowing that they were targets?

 Positive ID chip: also known to some as MKULTRA or  Nano Brain Implant for mind control Missin10

The families of more than 64,000 missing African-American girls and women are still grieving and wondering if their loved ones will ever make it back home while the rest of the country has pretty much turned a blind eye to most of the disappearances.

According to the National Crime Information Center, more than 270,000 minorities have been reported missing since 2010, with almost half of that number comprised of African-Americans and roughly 64,000 being African-American girls and women.   All over the globe, Black females are among those being targeted and abducted, and it’s vital that all of these women get the media attention they deserve so that hopes of bringing them back home can soon become a reality.

In the past, investigators have made it clear that the longer people remain missing, the more likely it is that they will be found dead. This is why media attention can be key to ensuring that cases don’t go cold and leads continue to pour in.

Targets share their experiences

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