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How To Maintain Short Hairstyles: Tips

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How To Maintain Short Hairstyles: Tips  Tumblr35

Deep Condition your hair every two weeks to retain more moisture and strength. Use a creamy deep conditioner that has some mild protein and moisturizing ingredients on your damp hair after a wash. Let it sit in your hair for about 40 minutes before rinsing. Deep conditioning provides a measure of preventative damage from frequent manipulation and styling of your hair. This is extremely important as it truly helps prevent hair damage so do it consistently and make sure your product of choice has quality ingredients.

Avoid using extreme heat on your hair to style. When possible try to avoid heat all together. Use other methods of achieving curls and style settings like magnetic rollers, wet setting and curlformers. Heat should only be used on SPECIAL occasions and NOT everyday or 3-4 times a week. If you are going to blow dry your hair make sure it’s partially dry and turn the heat to medium. Just remember too much heat is damaging.

Using an ionic, ceramic curling or flat iron will work well as long as they have temperature controls. 300-370 degrees is plenty of heat to style relaxed hair depending on your hair’s thickness. There is no need to run the irons over a section of hair more than once and definitely no more than twice. Before using the heat protect your hair with a heat protective serum or cream and not an oil. Keep in mind to use as little heat as possible because it can only do more damage to relaxed hair if frequently used.

Don't forget about your scalp

You might not realize it but your scalp should get the same attention you give the rest of your skin. Just like dead skin and pore-clogging debris can build up on your face, your scalp can get weighed down, too. Build-up on your scalp can mean flakes, dryness and irritation (no thanks!). Think about adding an exfoliating scalp treatment to your short hair care routine. These treatments are great, as they serve as a facial for the hair and stimulate the scalp.

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