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The joy of wearing hold ups suspender belts and stockings

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Stockings are glamorous and sensual and have through the ages been known to drive men wild with desire!

Whilst stockings and suspender belts can seem a bit impractical, they can be made to work for you quite easily. Once you have tried them for daywear, whether that’s feeling sexy and feminine whilst having lunch with your man, or powerful and in control during an important board meeting, we don’t think you’ll go back. The key is to finding an attractive, well fitting suspender belt that stays in place and feels secure. This will give you the confidence to wear it, all day, whatever you have planned.

Choose a belt with metal clasps, as these are much stronger than plastic ones and the clasps will grip your stockings perfectly and keep them in place. Then choose the number of straps.  both of which will provide you with adequate support.

After you have found the perfect ladies suspender belt, then you can accessorise with stockings. These are much more comfortable to wear than tights.

Stocking newcomers are usually best starting with stretch stockings. These are made from nylon or have added lycra and they retain their shape well. When you sit down the material will give, so you will not feel you have to pull your suspender belt down. Also stretch stockings do not need to be sized as accurately as other stocking types.

Once you have got the hang of these, you may want to experiment with some of the more elegant stocking styles. Glamour-girls love the seamed stocking, making a sexy line up the back of each leg. To make this style of stocking work, choose a suspender belt with clips that fasten toward the back of the leg.

Another super-gorgeous design is the ultra-sheer 100% nylon non-stretch stocking. These are an excellent choice for summer as they are almost as light as bare legs. These have to be sized perfectly in order to fit well, as there is no give in them.

Suspender belts can be adjusted to work under different lengths of skirt. Getting the length right is the last step toward creating your stylish new look. Short skirts require long stockings that cover high up the leg. You may even need to buy a larger size to ensure that they reach high enough. Alternatively you can wear a girdle with very short skirts, as these have higher suspender straps. Longer skirts do not pose such a problem. You can wear the suspender straps where they feel most comfortable.

Stockings will make you look amazing. Due to their vertical lines, your legs will look slimmer, and you will look taller. They provide the finishing touches to your outfit, and will help you feel extra sexy and desirable.

Choose sheer, black or red stockings for bedroom use. Lacy, skimpy options work well as do satin suspender belts. For the finishing touch, add a pair of super pointy stilettos!

Stockings are much more convenient than pantyhose, and they're an absolute must if you're in your skirts and dresses most of your time, or just want to wear practical hosiery on special occasions.
You can find them in all sorts of colors, patterns and finishes. But if there's one type you absolutely need to stay covered then it must be stockings in basic, sheer fabric - one pair of nude and black stockings. Wear them to work, parties, special occasions.. you name it!

They're versatile and timeless, giving you that sexy look in a snap! Black stockings are also great to slim down full legs and elongate short legs. It's up to you if you want to buy them with lace band or not - I suggest buying one pair with lace (makes you feel extra pretty!) and another pair that are office work friendly.

Sheer stockings that blend with your skin tone are perfect with your summer skirts and dresses and are much comfortable than pantyhose.
Fashion stockings are meant to be worn with a garter belt but luckily, they're available in styles that do not require it!

These are called hold-ups and have bands of elastic at the top of the thigh that keep the stockings from rolling down your legs. It's practical and saves time.
After securing the essentials stockings, you're ready to experiment with other fashionable styles, that reflect your personal style and fires up your attractiveness in a dress or skirt Wink
Have Fun with Stockings!

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