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Why am I so angry? Everyone is different and will have their own anger triggers

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Everyone is different and will have their own anger triggers. It could be that you feel you are being treated unfairly, or you may simply be frustrated. For many people a sense of powerlessness can lead to frustration and anger.

To understand why you are angry, it can be helpful to look at your past experiences. Some people's backgrounds and upbringing can influence how they cope with anger. It may be that your parents were overly angry and violent when you were younger, so you were brought up to believe this behaviour is normal.

Alternatively you may have grown up seeing anger as a scary emotion. This can make you feel frightened or unable to express it. Whatever the circumstance may be, understanding the root of your anger is an important step in anger management.
Do I need help with anger management?

Recognising that you have a problem with anger management can be difficult. You may think being angry is just the way you are, or you may not recognise your symptoms as anger related.
If the following has happened, you may benefit from professional anger management help:

Your behaviour has led you to break the law.
You are violent towards your partner, family or other people.
You deliberately break things or damage property.
You regularly argue with those close to you.
You feel angry constantly but feel unable to express yourself.
You feel out of control when you are angry and are worried about what you might do.

In terms of getting help, there are various approaches you could try including dedicated programmes, talking therapies and anger management hypnotherapy.

Anger management courses often help groups of people at a time. The aim of these courses is to offer alternative ways of dealing with anger. They often teach self-help techniques and relaxation exercises.

Talking therapies like counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy normally take place one on one. These approaches will try to help you understand the cause of your anger. The ultimate goal is to help you change your behaviour.

Hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular therapy option for those looking to change their behaviour. Anger management hypnotherapy in particular can help establish the underlying source of anger before changing unhelpful thought patterns.
Hypnotherapy for anger

Hypnotherapy can help those with anger management problems in several ways. The initial aim of the hypnotherapist will be to understand the root cause of your anger.

As previously mentioned, anger management problems often stem from past experiences. These experiences can shape your behaviour and belief system. So while you may think another person or situation is causing your anger, it may well come from yourself. Once this is understood, your hypnotherapist can begin work changing this.

To do so, your hypnotherapist will work on a conscious and unconscious level to help change your negative thought processes. Doing this may involve relaxation techniques and suggestions from your hypnotherapist to help control your anger.

The hope is that this will change your reaction to anger triggers. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and angry, you should feel calmer and more relaxed. Feeling calmer in stressful situations helps you to think more clearly so you can react in a more appropriate way.

Anger management hypnotherapy can also help with some of the symptoms of anger. For example, if you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression hypnotherapy can be helpful.

The number of anger management hypnotherapy sessions you'll need will depend on your individual circumstances. It is likely that your hypnotherapist will teach you some self-hypnosis techniques and relaxation tips. You can use these at home when you feel angry or stressed to help you control your anger in the long-term.

How to deal with anger - self-help tips

If you have decided to seek professional help for your anger management problem, there are several things you can do in tandem to help regain control. The following tips can help you control your anger and express it in a healthy way.
Get to know your triggers

Understanding what situations make you feel angry is key. By recognising when you are likely to feel angry, you can be prepared. To do this, start taking notes when you feel angry. Try to note the following:

   What was the situation?
   Was there another person involved?
   What did they say/do to make you feel angry?
   How did you feel at the time?
   How did you behave?
   How did you feel after the incident?

After a while you should start to notice some patterns emerging. Perhaps you get angry when you feel belittled, or maybe you feel angrier after the situation because you couldn't express yourself at the time. Talk through your notes with your hypnotherapists as this can help them work with you to understand the underlying reason behind your anger.

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