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How to keep your gorgeous short hair sassy and always looking neat and tidy

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Whether you have a trendy pixie, a sexy inverted bob or a short sedu hairstyle, you have to put in some effort in order to make it look perfect.  

Get your hair cut often to maintain a short haircut. This will help keep any layers from getting out of control, and it also helps you keep the right style for your cut. Letting your hair grow for only a month to a month and a half is best before getting it trimmed.
Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner that add volume and shine every other day or ever three days. To maintain the healthy look of a short haircut, don't over-wash your hair or you will strip it of its natural oils.

Women with fine hair needs to have more of a blunt cut method to make the hair appear thicker and fuller without over-feathering strands,” recommends Chin. “Thicker hair needs the same attention only more texturizing for the hair to have a balance of bulk and face framing effects. Additionally, pomades, texture creams and styling lotions can be used to create and separate hair for texture.”
Add volume with mousse or another volumizing hair care product. For short, thick hair, add mousse to the roots of your hair and let air-dry or blow-dry. This will help give you volume all day with any short style.

The amount of product depends on how short and thick your hair is,” cautions Stephen who has worked with hair chameleon, Rihanna. “Start by adding about a blueberry-sized amount then work your way up depending on your hair. You can always start at the back of the hair or underneath so that the product will be evenly dispersed once you work your way to the front. I like the Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade which is great for smoothing down edges and fly-aways for girls with textured hair.”

Short is cute, and there are a beautiful array of short hair styles to choose from. After you get the right cut for you, you must use different strategies to maintain a short haircut as opposed to a longer one.

Besides the fact that short hairstyles are extremely flattering for your features, they also highlight your wonderful neck, providing you with an extremely feminine, alluring look.
be sure to keep your short haircut with the times to avoid getting bored or looking out dated.

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